Robert Redford, 2018 NAFC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

When discussing who the ideal recipient of the inaugural National Association of Film Critics Lifetime Achievement Award would be, the Board of Directors saw one clear choice that stood above all others.

Robert Redford’s long career has been one of the most outstanding in film history. During a decades long acting career including such classics as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, All the President’s Men, and Out of Africa, and continuing through this year’s The Old Man and the Gun, Redford has delighted audiences and been the embodiment of the American movie star. Alongside his acting roles, Redford has been an extraordinary director, winning the Academy Award for Best Director with his debut feature Ordinary People and receiving acclaim for the next eight films he would go on to direct in the following decades, and a producer behind such films as The Motorcycle Diaries. Despite his status as one of the preeminent actors and directors for the last half century, we believe Redford’s most important contribution to the art of cinema is his cofounding of the Sundance Institute and Festival. Through these initiatives, Redford has supported and nurtured independent filmmakers and been instrumental in the development of careers that have defined decades of films.

For his contributions to the medium of film as an actor, director, and producer, and for his outstanding contributions in supporting independent filmmakers through his cofounding of the Sundance Institute and Festival, alongside his numerous contributions for the betterment of humanity through his political activism, we recognize Robert Redford as the inaugural winner of the National Association of Film Critics’ Lifetime Achievement Award.


About the Award:

Each year the National Association of Film Critics will award a Lifetime Achievement Award to one individual for their dedication to the art of cinema.


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