Each January, members of the National Association of Film Critics will vote to recognize the highest cinematic achievements of the preceding year in twenty awards categories.

Nominations for each category will be made by members on a rolling basis throughout the year and be made public as soon as they are processed. There are no limits on the amount of nominations that can be made for each category as we hope to give recognition to all who are deemed deserving by our members. Each category shall have two awards: the winner of the category, referred to as Best, and the runner- up in the category, referred to as Outstanding.

The awards categories will include:

      1. Film
      2. Director
      3. Leading Actor
      4. Leading Actress
      5. Supporting Actor
      6. Supporting Actress
      7. Ensemble Cast
      8. Adapted Screenplay
      9. Original Screenplay
      10. Voice Performance
      11. Motion Capture Performance
      12. Editing
      13. Cinematography
      14. Production Design
      15. Sound Editing
      16. Visual Effects
      17. Costume Design
      18. Makeup and Hairstyling
      19. Original Score
      20. Stunt Coordination

In addition to our twenty category awards, each year the NAFC will award a Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual for their dedication to the art of cinema.

We will also present a yearly Humanitarian Award, a recognition of excellent documentaries, and may choose to present a Special Achievement Award should distinguished achievements be made in the furthering of the cinematic experience.


Voting for the twenty category awards will be conducted by all voting members via rank order ballots with the film receiving the  highest placement on the most ballots receiving the Best award and the second most receiving the Outstanding award. The Lifetime Achievement, Special Achievement, and Humanitarian Awards will all be determined solely by the Board of Directors, however, all members of the NAFC and members of the public are welcome to submit statements in favor of recognizing an individual and the Board will take them under consideration.