Become a Member

If you are a film critics with a passion for film and are interested in an opportunity to share that passion with the world by recognizing excellence in filmmaking, exploring the history of cinema, and having a forum to share your opinions concerning recent developments in the film industry, you should consider applying for membership to the National Association of Film Critics.

The Process:

Each year, the NAFC will be accepting a limited number of new members. They will be determined on a rolling basis as applications are submitted for review to the NAFC Board of Directors. The NAFC Board of Directors must unanimously confirm each new member. The Board will attempt to review all materials in a timely manner and alert the applicant of any decision within one week. (Note: the review may require more time if conducted during the month of January as this is when our awards voting is conducted)



Members of the NAFC must be either established film critics (this includes publishing reviews in print, for online publications, or on social media such as Twitter or Letterboxd, and is not necessarily limited solely to professional film critics), film historians, or professionals working in the film industry.


Required Materials:

In order to ensure the validity of applications, we ask that applicants provide documentation of their experience in reviewing film by submitting one personal review of a movie from the past year which the applicant feels was outstanding, one of a movie from the past year which the applicant feels was sub par, and one review of any movie released prior to 1970 that is not widely known. Reviews of any length will be accepted.

Should the applicant be a professional working in the film industry or a film historian, appropriate documentation of the applicant’s work experience may be excepted in lieu of film reviews.

All application materials should be emailed to [email protected]

Please note: all members of the NAFC are prohibited from disclosing their affiliation with the NAFC to the general public and are required to follow all policies outlined in the NAFC Member Policies, available under the Member Policy tab on this website. Failure to remain anonymous or a breach of any of the Member Policies is grounds for removal from the NAFC at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

We look forward to your joining us and your helping us to review and reward the art of filmmaking!