Member Policy

 Mission Statement


Founded in 2018, the National Association of Film Critics (NAFC) is an organization dedicated to recognizing film as an important art form and promoting the expression of opinions concerning film.



        I.            Composition

    1. The NAFC is presently composed of American film critics, film historians, and professionals working in the film industry, with a variety of affiliations.


      II.            Applications for Membership

    1. Applications for membership to the NAFC will be received by the NAFC Board of Directors on a rolling basis.
    2. Sample film reviews or documentation of the applicant as an industry professional or film historian must be included in all applications.
    3. Applications will be approved by a unanimous vote of the NAFC Board.
    4. The number of new members that will be accepted in any given year will be determined during the previous year by the Board of Directors

    III.            Membership Requirements

    1. To retain membership, members of the NAFC must adhere to strict requirements, including:
      1. A complete prohibition on revealing their affiliation with the NAFC to the general public, not including families and close friends
      2. Continual publication of film reviews or other related activities
      3. Adherence to voting and nomination procedures including submitting a ballot during the voting period or a notification of voting abstention


   IV.            Term of Membership

    1. Members of the NAFC indefinitely retain their membership following their first year of probationary membership, unless they choose to resign from the NAFC or have their membership revoked.


     V.            Revocation of Membership

  1. The NAFC Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke the membership of any person found to have infringed upon the NAFC Member Policy.
  2. Revocation of membership is only possible through a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors.
  3. Should the member in question be a member of the Board, all remaining members of the Board must unanimously vote to remove said member and extend an offer of Board membership to a new member following the Board membership procedures outlined in the Board of Directors subsection.




        I.            Scope

    1. Each January, the members of the NAFC will vote to recognize the highest cinematic achievements of the previous calendar year through a series of awards categories.
    2. Nominations will occur on a rolling basis throughout the year ending at 11:59 on December 31st of each year.


      II.            Category Size

    1. There are no quotas to be applied to the categories and any number of films may be nominated to a category so as to ensure that every exemplary film receives the recognition and consideration it deserves.


    III.            Category Awards

    1. Each category will have two awards, a winner and a runner-up.
      1. The winner will be referred to as Best.
      2. The runner-up will be referred to as Outstanding.


   IV.            List of Categories

    1. The awards categories will include:
      1. Film
      2. Director
      3. Leading Actor
      4. Leading Actress
      5. Supporting Actor
      6. Supporting Actress
      7. Ensemble Cast
      8. Screenplay (Adapted)
      9. Screenplay (Original)
      10. Voice Performance
      11. Motion Capture Performance
      12. Cinematography
      13. Production Design
      14. Sound Editing
      15. Visual Effects
      16. Costume Design
      17. Makeup and Hairstyling
      18. Original Score
      19. Stunt Coordination
      20. Editing


     V.            Lifetime Achievement Award

    1. In addition to the awards in these categories, each year the NAFC will award a Lifetime Achievement Award to one individual for their dedication to the art of cinema.
    2. These awards will be determined by the Board of Directors with nominations coming from all members.
    3. These nominations, unlike those for the category awards, will not be made public as they are received.

   VI.            Humanitarian Award

  1. A humanitarian award will be given once annually to one member of the cinematic community who has promoted a humanitarian effort, attempted to combat a current social crisis, or brought light to past injustices through the film medium.
  2. This could be accomplished in several different ways such as documentaries highlighting refugee crises, retelling of civil rights era stories, bringing historically marginalized groups into the Hollywood fold, and so forth.
  3. This award will be determined by the Board of Directors with nominations from, not only voting members of the NAFC, but the cinematic community as a whole so the Board may be made aware of contributions that are not widely known.

VII.       Special Achievement Award

  1. This award may be given any year on a discretionary basis to any film or filmmaker that makes distinguished achievements in the furthering of the cinematic experience.
  2. This award, like all non- category awards, will be determined by the Board of Directors.

 VII.            Documentary Awards

  1. This award may be given to five documentaries in a year.
  2. Nominations will come from all members as write ins on the voting ballots.
  3. All members will list what they believe to be the ten best documentaries of the year, in order of preference.
  4. The five receiving the most mentions in the highest spots across all ballots will receive recognition.


Voting Procedures


    1. All members of the NAFC may nominate any film from the year in question to any award given that the nominating member has reviewed the film in question.
    2. A member may nominate any number of films to any number of categories.
    3. All films nominated by a member will undergo a brief review by the Board to ensure eligibility for the award.
    4. Should the nominated film meet the eligibility requirements (i.e. the film was released in the calendar year being reviewed for awards and is of feature length), the film will receive an official nomination from the NAFC which will be made public immediately.
    5. Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year prior to January 1st, the start of the annual voting period.
    6. Nominations are to be submitted to the NAFC email and must include the category of the nomination, the film or individual being nominated, and a brief explanation as to why the nomination is deserved.
    7. Following the vote, the five films in each category with the highest placement on the most ballots will be announced as the official second round of nominations and published in all appropriate manners.
    1. Voting will be conducted via rank order ballots.
    2. The voting period shall occur in the first weeks of January every year.
    3. Voters should only rank the films that they have seen.
    4. The lowest ranked film on a ballot will receive zero points for that ballot, the second lowest will receive one point, the third lowest will receive two points, continuing until all films that have been ranked have received a point value.
    5. The highest ranked film will be designated with the number one, the second highest two, and so forth until the voter has exhausted all films they have seen that have received nominations.
    6. As members may not rank films they have not seen, greater weight is given to ballots of those members who have seen the most films that have received nominations and, as such, the ballot of a member of the Board of Directors may have significantly less weight than the ballot of a non- Board voting member should the number of films the members have seen differ widely.
    7. We encourage all members to view as many films as possible every year in order to make the most informed decisions.
    8. The points assigned to all films will be added together as all the ballots are collected.
    9. The nominee with the highest placement on the most ballots, meaning the highest point total, will receive the Best Award for its category.
    10. The nominee with the second highest placement on the most ballots, meaning the second highest point total, will receive the Outstanding award for its category.
    11. The date of the official awards announcements shall be determined on a yearly basis and will follow the voting period.
    12. Awards will be announced via the NAFC website and social media.



Member Privileges

  1. Publishing of Opinions Online
    1. All members are entitled to submit posts that will be published on the website including:
      1. Film Reviews
      2. Pieces about film history
      3. Retrospective film reviews
      4. Interviews
      5. Features about cinematic events
      6. Other pieces the member determines may be acceptable
    2. All submissions will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for spelling and grammatical errors before being posted online as the NAFC takes its mission to teach about film history as well as cover current events in film very seriously and feels these mistakes would undermine the ability to carry out that mission.
    3. The content of the posts will not be altered in any way by the Board of Directors as free expression is one of the primary goals of the NAFC.
  2. Social Media
    1. Members are entitled to submit posts for the NAFC social media including:
      1. Short film reviews
      2. Factoids
      4. Pictures
      5. Short videos
      6. Links to outside work
      7. Other posts the member determines may be acceptable
    2. Social media submissions will be reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to their posting on the official accounts as the members of the Board of Directors maintain the accounts
    3. The NAFC will maintain both a Twitter profile and an Instagram profile with further social media profiles to be created at the discretion of the Board of Directors
    4. All social media accounts will have the handle @nafilmcritics if appropriate to the platform
    5. The purpose of social media accounts includes:
      1. Spreading awareness about the existence of the NAFC
      2. Promoting NAFC articles
      3. Announcing NAFC awards and nominations
      4. Forming meaningful relationships with members of the film community
  3. Input
    1. If a member feels there is something the NAFC could be doing to reach a greater audience or to better inspire a love of cinema, it is the responsibility of the member to share their ideas with the Board.
  4. Anonymity
    1. All members of the NAFC are expected to maintain anonymity with regard to the general public.
    2. Close friends and family may be made aware of one’s membership within the organization but should one’s affiliation be revealed on a public social media account or any in other widely visible manner, it is grounds for revocation of membership.
    3. All members of the NAFC must remain anonymous for the following reasons:
      1. Members may post any opinions they may hold about films and film related developments on our website without fear of backlash from employers or any other individuals that may disagree with the opinions posted.
      2. The primary goal of the organization is to spread a love of cinema and this allows the public to interact with members’ work in a different manner than they would if the work was attached to an individual’s name.
      3. The organization is not to be used for personal gain, only for spreading a love of cinema to the general public.
    4. For administrative reasons, such as collecting votes and nominations and receiving pieces to be published online, it is necessary that the Board of Directors know the identities of all members of the NAFC however, members of the NAFC not serving on the Board of Directors will not be privy to information regarding the true identities of all other members so as to best ensure that all members are as safe as possible from having their identities revealed.



Board of Directors


  1. ROLES
    1. Collect and oversee all voting and nomination information from members
    2. Announce award winners and ensure delivery of awards to recipients
    3. Review and approve applications for membership to the NAFC
    4. Ensure members maintain the standards to which they are to be held accountable and remove members if necessary
    5. Vote for Lifetime Achievement Awards, Humanitarian Awards, and Special Achievement Awards
    6. Handle outside inquiries about the NAFC
    7. Maintain the same nominating and voting privileges as all other voting members
    8. Preserve a full list of members
    9. Curate the official NAFC website and social media
    10. Review submissions from members for the website and social media
    11. Amend the member policies and voting policies by unanimous vote
    1.  The Board of Directors will initially consist of the founding members of the NAFC
    2. New members will be added at the discretion of the Board of Directors with a unanimous vote.
    3. Membership on the Board of Directors can be revoked with a unanimous decision from all other members of the Board of Directors.

Revisions to Member Policies

  1. Revisions from the Board
    1. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revise the Member Policies at any time.
    2. Should revisions be made, all members will be notified immediately.
  2. Revisions from Members
    1. Should a member feel the NAFC could benefit from a change to the member policies, the member should submit a request to the Board of Directors detailing the member’s proposal for a policy change and an explanation of why the change would be beneficial.


Thank you for reading!