Our segments are dedicated to a variety of topics, ranging from movie reviews to general opinion articles. Below is a short summary of what you can find in each section.


Great Films:

Every year hundreds of films are released in cinemas around the world but very few are worthy of the distinction of being named a Great Film. We aim to recognize those films that have astounded viewers and changed the landscape for film as a whole by posting pieces about them here. We will only consider a film for the designation of Great Film if it is at least ten years old and made significant contributions to film. We will attempt to highlight certain thematic elements and filmmaking practices from these Great Films with the hope that our dedicated readers will find something new to watch.


Opinion Pieces:

While our other segments concern the final product of a film, this is a place for all of our members to post pieces, not necessarily reflecting the official views of the NAFC, about any developments in the cinematic world whether technological, political, economical, or have any other relation to that artistic medium about which we are all so passionate. We hope these pieces will inspire debate within the cinematic community.


B-movie Reviews:

What is a B movie you ask? A B movie is a type of movie typically made with little to no budget or film making experience. This often results in a poorly made, terribly acted, and generally bad movie. There are always exceptions of course and this section of our website is dedicated to recognizing some of those rare B-movies that rise above their status and become bona fide classics. These are often not recognized so our hope is that you will be able to find films unlike anything you would normally be inclined to watch.



These segments highlight our monthly themes and are a place where we will collect all opinion pieces, great film reviews, polls, and any other materials related to our monthly themes.